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Kiran Karnik was President of NASSCOM, the premiere trade body and the “chamber of commerce” for the IT software and services industry in India, till January 2008. During his 6 years at NASSCOM, Mr. Karnik was widely recognized as a thought-leader and guiding force for the Indian IT industry, and for promoting “Brand India”, especially by show-casing India’s technological strength to the world.

Prior to joining NASSCOM in 2001, Mr. Karnik was the Managing Director and CEO of Discovery Networks in India where he spearheaded the launch of Discovery Channel in South Asia in August 1995 and Animal Planet (a Discovery – BBC joint venture) in 1999. From 1991 to 1995, Mr. Karnik was Founder-Director of the Consortium for Educational Communication, which was responsible for UGC’s Countrywide Classroom broadcasts and other ICT initiatives.

Earlier, Mr. Karnik worked for over 20 years at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), where he held various positions including that of Founder-Director of ISRO’s Development and Educational Communicational Unit. His work in ISRO involved conceptualizing and managing applications of space technology. He was a key player in the pioneering India-USA Satellite Instructional TV Experiment (SITE) and the Kheda Communication Project, which won wide international acclaim.

Mr. Karnik has served as Special Assistant to the Secretary-General of UNISPACE 82 in the United Nations. He has done consulting assignments for WHO, The World Bank, UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Ford Foundation, and an extended one for UNESCO in Afghanistan.

He has been a member of many key government committees, and is presently a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to Prime Minister. He also has a deep involvement with a number of NGOs in the areas of education and environment, and currently is honorary Chairman of the National Foundation of India, Chairman of Vigyan Prasar and President of India Habitat Centre.

In a career of almost four decades, Mr. Karnik has been conferred many awards and accolades. He has been awarded the Padma Shri in 2007 and the ‘DATAQUEST IT Person of the Year – 2005’. Business Week named Mr. Karnik as one of the ‘Stars of Asia’ in 2004 and he was selected as Forbes magazine’s ‘Face of the Year 2003’, for being a driving force behind India’s offshoring wave. In 1998, International Astronautical Federation awarded Mr. Karnik with the Frank Malina medal for Space Education. His deep involvement in the Kheda Communications Project, won wide national and international acclaim, including the first UNESCO-IPDC Prize for Rural Communication.

Mr. Karnik regularly contributes to various publications and has authored/edited a large number of publications. He occasionally lectures at major national institutes.

A post-graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Mr. Karnik holds an Honours degree in Physics from Bombay University.

  1. Pradipto permalink

    Dear Mr.Karnik, I am the India representative for CompTIA. If you recall, we had met few times with the former CompTIA CEO – John Venator.

    I wanted to have an interaction with you on some specific events that we are planning for June. Will appreciate if you could please let me know your E-Mail id and if possible contact number.

    Best regards,

  2. Dear Kiran,

    I see a huge potential in part-time professional workers space in India. Just in time and just for time resources are need of the hour for Small/Medium Enterprises and start-ups. I also believe that the unconventional work force in the form of home-makers, early retirees, students and also super specialists can contribute in many ways to the SME segment which is supposedly the space of this decade.

    I would like to hear from you about your observations of the same.

    Thank you,


  3. Tosh K Toshniwal permalink

    Dear Mr. Karnik,

    Reg.: Choke Corruption’s Supply-Side

    Thank you very much for writing the piece in The Economic Times.

    Indian industry has hardly spoken on this subject till now and unfortunately has always kept a very low profile on the issues which may need a judgement of right and wrong. It simply gives a hint that no one from the industry wants to challenge the wrong and unjustified acts for the reason of avoiding any kind of conflict with the political class and administration. This is in addition to the fact that the economic interests have remained in priority over the social cause.

    We all are keenly aware about the constant decline in our national character and the economic growth numbers do not matter if the life is unhappy in the country.

    Kind regards,
    Tosh K Toshniwal

  4. Jai Padmanabhan permalink

    Hi Kiran, Saw your article “A superpower India populated by angry Indians”. Very disappointed by your rambling article. All of the shootings, murders and drug tafficking does not mean that the USA is less of a superpower. India will become a superpower when we have world class infrastucture – roads, sidewalks, power generation and distribution, clean water distribution, educational institutions etc. Corruption is accepted in India. That needs to change from the Prime Minister down. We have a PM who is actively disengaged. We have a Finance Minister who is neck deep involved in dubious deals. We have a Home Minister is incompetant. We have a government that does not work. All of this breeds corruption. We have encroachment being legalized. We preach Secularism – a failed concept. US, UK and Germany all are proud to be Christian nations. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait are all proud Islamic nations. India is ashamed to be a Hindu nation. Therein lies our fundamantal confusion. Regards, Jai Padmanabhan

  5. Slide show/lecture to students on Saturdays about Benefits of rockets and satellites,
    One hour power point presentation Venue should have AV room (LCD projector with PC)
    useful for physics syllabus

    saturdays ( or sundays ): 10am or 2pm or 4pm ONE hour duration.

    #1520 17th main 2nd phase JP nagar 560078 bangalore INDIA
    94484 26530 7pm to 10 pm

  6. Kishan Sastry Marla permalink

    Awareness Programme for the Domestic NON-IT and IT Companies

    Even though India is leading in the IT software exports chart, still Domestic NON-IT companies are not getting the best results from the software implementors in terms of drafted objectives of the software implementation. We can find many ERP implementation failures in the domestic NON-IT companies.
    This is mainly due to the lack of process understanding towards the application, importance of stages of implementation process, knowledge level differences in the implementation partners and client, lack of concentration by the management team towards the implementation process.
    In this regard if one regulatory body like Nasscom which is an exact face of IT in India can initiate to bridge this gap between client and IT vendor, It will be helpful for the domestic companies.
    Nasscom should initiate the fallowing activities in order to avail the best results of IT solutions for the small and medium sectors of NON-IT companies.
    1. There should be an awareness program regarding the process and importance of involvement from the client in the implementation process of any software especially like ERP where most of the small and medium segment companies still not getting the exact fruits of ERP in the domestic companies.
    2. Also Nasscom should assist the small domestic IT firms which provide the IT-implementation and support services for the domestic process in the area of best practices for maintenance and implementation.
    If Nasscom gives us an opportunity we will draft the process document that Nasscom should give importance so that the regulatory body can closely work with the domestic NON-IT and IT companies and ensure that the country will be best utilization of the IT solutions.

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